Testimonial by Jessica Aparicio Angel - Tachi kid 2015
"Special Events"

It was hard for me to choose a special event in Tachikawa because it seemed as if every day was special. Though some of the most memorable memories I recall is spending time with my Japanese family. The trips we took with the Tachikawa Committee were amazing, but being part of a new family was strange and beautiful. Sometimes I helped my Japanese mother cook, clean and set up the table. On occasions I would help my brother prepare for a very important English test that would determine if he would go on to high school. If you are wondering, he passed. He was always very serious, but I will never forget seeing him smile when he beat me at wii. 

2015 Tachi Kids Sienna, Alex, and Jessica in traditional Japanese kimonos.

2015 Tachi Kids Sienna, Alex, and Jessica in traditional Japanese kimonos.

As for my Japanese dad, I enjoyed laughing with him. He also seemed like a serious man, but in reality he was one of the funniest people I have ever met. Besides being funny, I got to see his caring side. There was this one thing I was eating with my Japanese sister and father in Tokyo and we shared a dish. My Japanese father split the dish into threes and gave my Japanese sister and me the biggest pieces because he said that his daughters deserved only the best. 

Lastly, my Japanese sister and I share a lot of common traits and adventures. We built a bond that will last forever, but one of my favorite memories together would be when we walked through a haunted maize. It was me, Alex, Sienna, my Japanese sister, and her friend that were walking through it. Suddenly something popped out and my Japanese sister screamed my name and grabbed me because she was scared. I was surprised because she had a longer relationship with her friend, but she was looking for me. Through our two month journey, we found several other events that led us to rely on each other just like siblings would. Overall, special events in Tachikawa would be with my Japanese family, which is one of the greatest aspects of this program.  I hope the following Tachi kids have a similar if not more wonderful time with their Japanese family. 

 Jessica Aparicio Angel